From one country to another and back home again

I guess it’s time to go over to the graduation week leading up to where I’m at now. The last week of living in Spain I would have to say went by slow and fast all at the same time. In a way too like a Déjà vu from first term as interns were giving their vision plans for their passions and dreams, while the graduating interns gave their final thoughts. It was a week for of not wanting to leave the beautiful community that I had grown to love but excited for the future beyond the small town of Mijas. Excited for all of the possibilities that could happen when I came home, but also unsure of the future and its unknowns. Though I guess that is what makes life an adventure.IMG_1903

On graduation day all of the staff that were present and some of the alumni that were still living in Spain. At the beginning they gave their last say to my class, what we brought, or what they are excited for our future. At some point I really wanted to cry just because it was a reality that I was going to be leaving (though it wasn’t until Monday that I was leaving). Then came for when everyone in the room had the chance to prophecy to each graduating intern.

photo credit to christina
photo credit to christina

My class had about 14 – 15 people so it took a while to get to everyone but it was a beautiful time of letting the spirit move and pouring into each other’s lives. When it came to my turn it was a bit long but I’m glad I recorded all of it on my old phone. By the way, if anyone knows how to transfer the file on my old phone to my computer let me know please. I really don’t want to hold on to my old phone forever. After we had gone through all of the interns we then had some time until the graduating class was to meet up at the wine museo to drink and be with each other. Now when it came to picture time on the sans sabastian street it was like trying to herd cattle to the water trough. It did take some time for us to get a good picture and get pictures with friends. Once the rest of the interns and visitors showed up, we all started the graduation dinner. Man, I really wish that I got a photo of the pork that I ate. It was so good! And the dessert at the end was a small bowl with fruit and whip cream on top was perfect.

When it came time to handing out the certificates, I was having a hard time keeping my tears back a bit. Mainly because I knew that a few of the graduating interns and some of the returning interns were heading out the next day. That it would the last night that I would see them for a while. Then my name was called to go up and receive my certificate for completing my six months of interning, living in community, and becoming who I am now. I don’t really remember what I said other than that I was stumbling over my words again and holding back the tears. Though I do remember the laughs, the see you later’s, hugs, and the community the rest of the night till early of the night. Of course, I lost at left, right, center. Just can’t win them all.

The next few nights leading up to leaving Monday morning were filled with beach time, combining all the food that was left in the houses for potluck style dinners, movies on the porch, and laying out in the sun. My last night on the costa del sol was a small trip upIMG_1965 the radio towers to watch the sunset. Surprisingly the five/six months that I lived there, I never thought to hike to the top of the radio towers. So my friend Santi took me and a few other friends up to the towers just before sunset and OMG! The view is fantastic! You can see all along the coast from one side and on the other you could see Malaga to some of the other towns that I don’t know. It was quiet, the updraft of the wind could be felt on your neck, the falcons gliding along the air currents, and the colors all along the mountains to the sea was beautiful. I wouldn’t have picked a better way to spend my last night in Spain!

IMG_2009Next morning after going through my last minute packing and leaving stuff behind (sorry if I left too much behind!!!!) my house said their goodbyes and I headed off to AGP. The travel back home was so much easier than the travel to get to Europe. Honestly it was more of a breeze without much worry. My flight to Gatwick was quick and without any major questions and getting to Heathrow by bus was a nice way to relax. Though I did get off at the wrong terminal. Really, I didn’t know how large Heathrow airport was! Thankfully the employees helped me to my right stop and check in was okay. The flight from England to Vancouver wasn’t that bad either and filled that time with catching up on some new movies. I was even excited when I was asked if I would like a small bottle of wine with my dinner because, well, I’m finally 21 so I can legally drink in the states. When I arrived in Vancouver I was pretty tired from no sleep as I had been awake since my morning time in Mijas. Now I was expecting that I was going to have a little bit of trouble at some point and I was correct. I was questioned a bit and asked to go into a separate room for further questioning. Thankfully my second questioning was really quick and was let go. From there I reunited with my parents and had no troubles getting back into the US.IMG_1977

Now it has been about five-six weeks since my adventure in Europe. The transition was difficult at times as I was experiencing culture shock. Honestly on the as I would call it my “first real day” of being back on American soil I was a bit confused. I couldn’t figure out where things were in my kitchen because the cups where not where I would find them by in Spain. I would sometimes need to reexamine myself and just remember the times I had back in my second home but live in the now. There were times too that sometimes my old self would want to come back but I would push it away. Thanks Whitney for giving me that advice to declare who I was in an old space. Thankfully I have wonderful family and friends here to help my process back into real life. I would have to say that now I’m doing a lot better. I have finally gotten back into the groove of things. It’s nice to not have to worry that either the oven, toaster, or the microwave is going to shock you, that my clothes are finally soft again all because of having a dryer, and that I can finally understand the language that I’m hearing in the grocery store. Though here are some things that I know that I’m going to miss and these are not in any particular order.

  1. Walking to the Epi every morning
  2. Going to Maria’s for a café con leche and sometimes a pastryIMG_1522
  3. The food there which does include Blue Chair and Mr. Chicken
  4. The cobblestone streets of Mijas
  5. The hello’s and good mornings of the locals
  6. Going to Malaga to worship or be a part of whatever exciting event that was happening at the Dwelling house
  7. Wednesday morning worship out at Allen’s, Gui, and Santi’s house (Thanks guys!)
  8. Tapas/Intern dinners
  9. Going dancing or just dancing
  10. Being challenged
  11. The sunrises at Mijouse
  12. The festivals
  13. The staff and teachers of G42 who all made it happenIMG_1925
  14. Dinners around the table (including the humming at prayer!)
  15. The randomness of conversations
  16. My class and the classes before and after
  17. My housemates
  18. And the community in Spain11426378_10153360446082210_6213676426283001075_n

With that I would like to thank you all who have supported me on my journey there and back here. Thank you so much G42 for helping me grow into who I am now, which is someone different than who first set foot on the Spanish soil. It has been a privilege to come and live in a community with no judgment and have become a family to me.

So that’s the end of this update. For a while I was trying to decided wither or not and continue with this blog. Mainly because it’s a big time consuming part of my day and sometimes a bit annoying to write not knowing if anyone is reading. But I’ve decided I’ll try and continue this blog. I’ll still update on the 3rd and 17th of each month unless my schedule becomes too busy. So I’ll update again on the 17th of August unless I have something that I might want to share a bit earlier.

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