Finally an update! Part 1

First question that probably that comes to mind for many of you might be “Did she fall off the face of the earth?” To answer that, the answer would be no.

IMG_1477Maybe in the blogging world I did, and maybe the sweet tastes of procrastination have finally caught up to me. Though I’m starting to climb back up the cliff to blogging again, even if it’s a bit difficult. For the almost two month of no updates I would have to give you all my deepest apology to those who keep up with me through my blogs. It was probably not the wisest to let the work pile up to the point where I have so much to update you all on. To start off I should probably go over the events and teachers during my last month in Spain. I’m going to try and summarize some of teachings so I can get to graduation.

Locals from Ronda preparing for their pretension the next day.

The first teacher that we had was the one and only Herman Hann. If you recognize the name then you’ll probably remember him when we got into a little arm match back in February. That week he talked about creativity and storytelling which includes a homework to write a one page story that began and ended with the sentence “Yes, and then you came down”. I would have to say that week really helped me get into more of my creative side and really excited again about writing. Even if it was a bit difficult for me to share my work. Let’s just say that I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to the stories I write and share in person rather say online. If you want to read the story I wrote for class I’ll post it in a separate blog post.

The next week was a bit different. One was because we had Monday off as our teacher for that week wasn’t going show until Tuesday evening. The next day a few of the graduates and I were to teach the class/ share what was on our heart. I had no idea what I was going to talk about until I woke up that morning. Something that I really don’t recommend if you’re ever to give a presentation… especially if you’re a bit nervous about speaking in front of a crowd.

For my bit of time I talked to the class about the books I’ve been writing for well over ten years (wow…. Ten years is such a long time!) And how they have correlated with different stages of my life and comparing them to the Israelites wondering in the desert for 40 years. If you ever want to hear about it I can try and send you the teaching if anyone asks for it. Tell me in the comments.IMG_1835

After that day of intern teachings, our teacher Bec Hern taught for the two days about a number of teachings which included tithing, worship, the fear of God, and such. The second day that she taught we had class at in the upstairs of Mijouse as what we were to do would cause a lot of noise. More specifically that most of the interns and I were going to be yelling. The start of every kingdom is started with a shout and bondage can be  broken down with a shout too. That is exactly what we did. We all shouted against curses that were on our family, declared who we are, and worshiped God in freedom.

The third teacher that we had was Michael Durning from Frederiksberg, Texas. That week we dove in deep to learn about bible eschatology and get our minds blown to pieces with a little bit of the book of Revelations. It would take a whole post to go into what he had taught us, including myself going back through my notes.

Our last teacher for the second term was Andrew Sherman. That week he went over convent and what that looked like in marriage, God’s with us, and the convent we make with people. We also learned a bit about what it means to make a convent with someone and what that entails to. You know, the steps and keeping it. It honestly relates to everyday life by keeping our word, Mean by what we say, and living to respect one another’s word. I’ll go into graduation week, graduation day, to coming home in a second update, since I want to share about some of the adventures I took the last month in Spain.

IMG_1680One of the adventures that I took a few gals was a day trip to Ronda. To get there from Mijas, we took a bus through the hills a bit more north for about two hours. Getting to Ronda also involved taking a road that would threaten you to get car sick. A trick that I used to keep my breakfast down was to images myself either snowboarding or longboarding on the road. Somehow that helped. Once we arrived my group decided to walk around and tour the town.

The place itself was beautiful. From viewing the first bullring (didn’t go inside because I would’ve to pay a fee…), to see the bridge that looks something out of LOTR, to taking random photos it was nice to act like a tourist. Want to know a hilarious thing? Out of my time in Spain for the 5 months I didn’t encounter one American tourist in Mijas and Malaga. While I was there I saw at least three different groups of American tourists. In a way it was weird to hear the American accent again when all I’ve heard was Spanish, British, Chinese’s, and any other European language. Anyway after my group ate some lunch together we decided to split up so we could see what we wanted to see. IMG_1757My friend Liz and I walked around till we found a tour we could take for only 5 euro of an old mine. Of course we were going to do that. The mine was pretty cool as it led down the river and was a nice break from the heat of the day. After our small adventure underground we got ourselves lost. Though the best way to view a city is to get yourself lost on its streets. Eventually we manage to meet back up with the rest of the group to catch the bus back home. Unfortunately I cannot for the life of me sleep on the bus back. I much prefer to watch the landscape pass by.

The next day I took a small day trip again with a group of girls who were visiting Spain for a couple of weeks to Malaga. There we stopped for coffee at costa coffee and got to chat up with a couple of sailors who are sailing around the world. We shared what we were doing (they thought that we were Mormon at first…) and a bit about our faith and theirs. It was a good experience to just see from an outside perspective of my IMG_1898protective bubble of Mijas, to what people thought about faith. After the small conversation with the sailors we walked over and took a small tour of the Picasso museum and a fortress. Both places were pretty neat to see but I wish I got to walk around the castle a bit more. There was so many cool details and gardens to see.

The any other small adventures that I took were after graduation when I spent the day down at the beach. Most of my class had already left to go back home so there was a small group there to just enjoy each other’s presences. While I was down there I decided to go seashell hunting so I could have some souvenirs to bring back home. After a while I got tired and sat on my towel to watch the waves come in. That is when a random man who was looking for seashell too came up and dropped some onto my towel. He didn’t just do it once but a few time on mine and my friends towels. Didn’t really get his name but thank you seashell man! You made my day!

Well it guess it’s time to move onto the second update! If you want to read what I wrote for Herman or listen to what I taught, just send me a message and I can see what I can do!

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