Diving in Deep!

Good morning (evening here) all you beautiful people! It’s really hard to believe that I’m going to be heading back to the states in about a month. So much has happened over and so much growth the course of five month along. I’ll probably write a reflection post to sum up the growth and what I’ve learned since being here. Mental note to myself. Oh yeah, before I forget I have an announcement towards the end of the blog so be ready for that! Well, let’s head on over to the updates!

IMG_1169I’ve come to notice that here in Spain we have a lot of holidays or a lot of reasons to celebrate. About a couple of weeks ago we had an International fair week down in Fuagnirola. The fair lasted for a week and just about every country was represented. The only ones that weren’t really represented were most of the Asian countries and America. In fact, the only thing that was representing America was Hawaii! It’s was quite hilarious.

The first time that I went down to the fair I was in heaven! There was so much culture in just one place and you could literally go to Ireland and enjoy a beer then be visiting Egypt down the street. Each vendor offered food, entertainment, alcohol, and sometimes some goods to buy from that country. It was like traveling around the world on one street. IMG_1313Taking the opportunity to look around alone at my own pace, I was able to enjoy some of the sights. It defiantly gave me more determination to start traveling more and seeing the world. The second time that I went to the fair was with a group of friends and it was more at night. When we had arrived the place was already in full swing. It was really hard to get from place to place without any ease but we had manage to visit Belgium, Ireland for some beer, and to Germany to listen to some music. After hanging out in Germany the group and I decided to go on some carnival rides before we headed home for the night.

IMG_1185The first ride we went on was called the Viking. It was a big boat that went back and forth. What was the cool feature on the ride was the fact there was two cages on either end of the boat. The cages didn’t have any “seat belts” so you could stand on the ride and experience the small moment of antigravity. I’m pretty sure if this ride was in the states the government would very quickly shut it down on the account of accidents. Of course being twenty year olds and young at heart we all decided to go into the cages. Over the course of the ride time my friend and I screamed like little kids while two 13 year olds were just laughing. The ride was fantastic and I’m pretty sure the person who was in charged purposely made the ride go longer than needed. The question would be would I go on it again? Um, yes! The second ride was two rounds of bummer cars which got really exciting. I’m pretty sure I went a bit crazy since it was like 2 in the morning but it was one of the best times I’ve had at a fair.

IMG_1325The second adventure was jumping off of a cliff! Yes I did wrote that correctly. Last weekend (Not this last weekend…) a group and I took a 20 minute drive from Mijas and hiked to some small waterfalls. The hike to get to the waterfalls is not meant to be done in my sandals so I did more of the rock part in my bare feet. It made it a bit more exciting for sure. Once we got to the falls we were greeted to a beautiful view of a lake in the cavern with waterfalls pouring into the lake. It was so beautiful and I really want to go there again just to spend a few hours enjoying nature. Stripping down to our swimsuits we climbed the two mini waterfalls to the 30-40ft cliff. IMG_1374There one by one people would jump off and land in the lake. I however took forever to just jump off. I was mentally battling with my fear of heights and overthinking of the many possibilities that could happen if I jump off wrong. It took me 50 minutes just to finally jump off of the damn cliff with the assistance of my friends urging me off both on the cliff and down in the lake waiting for me. Afterwards I was completely exhausted from just the adrenaline rush. Yeah I would do it again but it would still take me about 20 minutes or so to tell myself to jump off of the cliff. Thankfully I have travelers insurance.

After the fun at the waterfalls on the way back the group that I was with decided to take a IMG_1429small detour and went exploring an old water tower that looks really old but is only about thirty years old. It was so cool to explore the building (and possibly trespassing…oops!) and see the view of the surrounding mountains and valley. I took so many photos and I’m already having a lot of fun editing them.

Okay this is a bit of sad news but it’ll be brief. Many of you who read my blogs may remember a few months back when I went to Malaga and worshiped at a woman’s home name Gloria. Well Gloria had been battling cancer and was a friend of Terra, Shanda, and Lane. IMG_1444We had gone over to her house and did some worship with her and prayed for her. There I was able to receive some closure with my Oma’s death. I had found out last week that she had passed on. It’s really sad but I’m glad that my group was able to spend that one night worshiping at her house. I thought that I would share that with you all who have been following my updates. Okay, time to get off of the sad train and talk about the two teachers.

The first teacher was Andrew Sherman again and that week we went over the tabernacle of David. Oh wow, that week had been really good! Let me explain a bit… Monday started out a bit rough. I think it was because the class and I were pretty tired but also there was some other stuff going on. The next day during worship before class I feel like everyone came expecting the presence of God to show up and oh he did. The next thirty minutes into class consisted of spoken words and praying into people. That same day I was asked by Allen to share during the Wednesday worship group about creative worship. IMG_1454I’ll get into that part a bit later (Thanks Allen for one day’s notice!). After that shift in the atmosphere in the classroom there was so many more times that involved letting the Holy Spirit move and going over the teachings. The teaching about the tabernacle of David was learning about what was the point of it which all relates to our own character and who we should be as a church. The ten points that we went over is the historical, fasting, a house for all nations, convent of grace, priesthood, prepared people, and prophetic, possessive, passionate, powerful people. Each point extended more but it would take a bit of time to go over each point. We did too go over too about staking a claim on things in our lives in which some of the interns and I publically made claims for our families.

Now on the Wednesday Allen had asked me to lead worship in a discussion about creative worship and my experience with it. So I talked about my history with creative worship and that anything really can be used for worship, what it really matter is the position of your heart. I also gave them my history too with flagging and how I flagging for me is how I feel most connected to God because I can use my whole body to worship God. Since this blog is already really long I’ll write a separate post about what I taught. IMG_1416

The second teacher that we had last week was Ted Hanson. His week was all about prophetic activation. Man that week was really good too. Ted went over some teachings about what it is to be prophetic and how to give prophesy’s. After some teachings he would then have us practice hearing God’s voice and give each other prophesy’s and at the end of the week gave each of us a word. Now I’m going to be real with you all. In the past I had stayed away from giving people words because I felt like I couldn’t hear the voice of God very well. Since I had stayed away from giving people prophecies, the week was a bit of a struggle at first as I had to trust in what God had to say to someone else. By the end of the week though I had finally caught the wave and was able to start trusting more of what I was hearing.

Okay, time for the announcement. Back when I had told you all about my vision project I had described two visions. Well I’m officially starting on one of my visions which is telling other peoples stories. I’ve started a new blog that is my official blog called Map the stories (http://mapthestories.wordpress.com). If take some time and check out the blog and leave a comment about how it looks that would be so helpful. Also ideas would be awesome! I’m really excited to be starting this even though it’s going to be a slow start. One the next blog I would like to answer any of your guy’s questions about living here, what I’ve learned, where I’m going, and such. Anyway, it’s time for me to check out and start on my homework! Till next time! Love you all!

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