Your Potential and Advetures

Yay! Time for an update into what has been going on here in Spain. This may be a bit of a long post since I have a lot to tell. Though there are no new announcements, yet. The announcement will be on a separated post. Reasons… I’ll leave you all guessing! Ha-ha! On to the adventures I’ve been participating in the last two weeks.

Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I participated in a flash mob down in Malaga as a part for dance therapy. We had been practicing for a couple weeks prior after dinner and learned how to slow down our bodies and move with the fabric. The fabric itself was of different styles but in a way reminded me of bellows that some flaggers used for their flag ministry. I personally don’t really like using them just because they are so big and heavy but for the flash mob it turned out in a beautiful way. After the dance down in the plaza we moved our group to a theater where we watched the documentary made about dance therapy and the creator behind it all. I was so thankful that there was some subtitles or else I would’ve fallen asleep. Actually… the first film that they showed I accidently fell asleep… there was no subtitles and I still don’t know the language so that equals to my mind turning off.

That Saturday after the flash mob we had a birthday in G42. Katie wanted to go kayaking on the Mediterranean Sea for her birthday so that is what we did. A small group of us took the bus the Neja which is about a 2 ½ hour drive and went kayaking. Now normally the Sea is really cold at this time of year (actually, I’ve come to find out that it’s that temperature even in the summer) but that day it wasn’t too bad at all. Kayaking along the11174875_10204476885746288_7405623367849029164_n coast of the Mediterranean is so much fun and I highly recommend going. We went to a waterfall where we were able to kayak beside it and go into a cave. It was really gorgeous. Unfourtnanly I couldn’t really get any photos since my camera isn’t waterproof so I’m using my friend’s photos.

Last weekend was a bit of a spur of the moment. My friend Gui who lives in Mijas invited me and a few other people to come with him to Montrell (Close to Granada) and bring the kingdom to a church that he sometimes goes to. It was an interesting and learning experience. As I was there I could really sense some stuff in the spirit that wasn’t okay and a lot from my own past kept on coming up. I guess that I could say that it really helped me work through stuff that I had forgotten about in the past. So the Saturday that we were there was mostly connecting with the people and spending time with the community. The next morning before we went to church service we had breakfast which included churros with melted chocolate. Oh my gosh, it was like heaven in your mouth. The churros by themselves were really salty so the combination of the chocolate made them so good. After breakfast when went back to the church and attended their service.

Since every day at G42 is like going to church this was the first time in four months that I had attended a church service. It was really interesting to be back in that environment even if it wasn’t the kind of that I felt that had a lot of passion. I consider myself very privilege to be in the G42 tribe/community that is full of passion for the lord. At the church I was allowed to flag and originally I was going to flag up front but there wasn’t any room, so stayed on the side of the chairs close to the wall. As I was flagging my movements were really restrictive but I didn’t let that stop me from expressing my heart to God. Some of the children there were taking glances at the flags but none asked to try them. Made me a bit sad and wished I could’ve worked with them. Then came the part of giving my testimony.

You know when you have something in your head that you really want to say but it doesn’t exactly come out the way you want to? Well, that happened for me. For my testimony I wanted to share how going to church each Sunday and doing what is considered a normal Christian life is sometimes not fulfilling. How I found a fulfilling relationship with God was using dance and flags in worship. That it was okay be different; not to perform the normal Christian life and live things a bit more risky. I know that however I said my testimony even if I think that I butchered it, someone need to hear it and God would fill in the gaps. After the church service and having lunch with some of the leaders we drove to Malaga for worship night.

Worship in Malaga was different but really good. The theme of that night was storytelling and the topic was freedom. In the past I wouldn’t really share with people in a group setting my opinion or story just because I would getting embarrassed. That night I decided to unnamedgo ahead and share with the help of my friend translating for me. Unfortunately have forgotten what exactly I had shared so I can’t exactly write it down. But it was a really good night of hearing everyone’s stories of how they have found freedom or what freedom meant to them. Well this update took a bit longer than I thought it would. Let’s move on to the teacher that I had the last two weeks.

So for the first of the two weeks we had Andrew Sherman. Andrew talked about grace and the 42nd generation which was stuff that I heard about before, though it was good get a refresher about it. Another thing that he talked about other than the marriage (if you heard him before he also told his parents story) and about what it looks like to fill the earth, to be fruitful, multiply, replenish, to subdue, and domain. If your mind thought of the story of creation when I had said be fruitful and multiply then you are correct. Though this has to do more so in the now time. I’ll try and break it down a bit.

When it says to be fruitful, fill, and multiply for the now times, I’m not talking about going off and have babies and depleting all of the earth of our natural resources due to overpopulation. I’m talking filling the earth with God’s presence and life source, being fruitful in the talents and authority that is given, and multiplying the talents and life around you. Now multiplying looks different than adding. When you’re adding, that is just accumulating for yourself rather than adding value into the people around you. Multiplying is giving away authority and talents that you have to the people around you and them too doing the same. When you multiply, you’re apt to change the world than when you add. Another thing that Andrew covered was to replenish. Now for you environmentalists will be happy about this. We are to replenish the earth, not to abuse it. This means we need to take care of our home. Yes, this means to not cut down all of the tree’s, save our oceans, use wind power. This also means to take care of one another too. Andrew did go into talking a bit about the Holy Spirit but I was gone the other half of the afternoon for the flash mob.975118062809012094_1417054884

The second teacher the one and only Freddy (David Fredrick’s). This last week Freddy dove in deep with discerning life’s calling/ your potential/purpose and went over the fun subjects of failure and fear. Fear and failure can be pretty touchy and depressing topics to talk about but I promise it was actually really good. I’ll give you the basic run down of how this last week’s notes went. We talked about how there is a lot of potential that is completely wasted. This is because either people raise the bar way too high, limit themselves to what they are capable of, or/and let their fear and fear of failure get in the way. Failure isn’t a bad thing as our culture has made it to be. Failure are lessons and that we learn from if we choose to learn from them. Also that we all have a purpose. That purpose gives birth to hope and fire to passion. Once we know of our purpose then we are able to change the world. Even if we think that the circumstances or the stuff of our past defines our purpose in life, well I got news for you because they don’t. You see, God wants us to discover our purpose but the only way to find our purpose is through the one who created it. Think about it, if we didn’t have purpose in our lives then life would be meaningless.

This week we also faced our fears by writing them on the white board. The fear that I wrote down? The fear of coming out of my comfort zone. Stupid right?! I mean… even I would think that I was comfortable being out of my comfort zone from the last two years working with kids. 973154244620406508_1266579306But I wasn’t. I was afraid to come out of my comfort zone because it meant that I would become who I really was more than who people thought of who I was. Which meant that I’d put limits on myself even when I just hanged out with people. When I wrote that on the white board it really bothered me and I really wanted to erased those words ALL WEEK LONG!!! At the end of the week it was time to come face to face with the fear. After seeing that fear that I had written on the board for a few days I was ready to erase it and leave it in the ground where it belonged. After that I felt another shift. A good kind of shift where I felt like I was free from something that had been holding me down for a long, long, long time. When I noticed the change? When later that night I wore a dress out in public and I didn’t feel weird about wearing it unlike before where I would’ve been so uncomfortable.

Well, today’s post turned out be a lot longer then excepted. Thank you all for taking the time to read it! If you all have any questions you would like to ask about life here in Spain or such, feel free to direct them down in the comment box below. I’ll like have another Q&A on the next blog update. Tis the time where I head to bed and pray that my allergies will go away. Darn pollen! See you all when I update on the 17th!

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