Of Stormy Seas

Wheels turning on stormy seas, catching wave after wave in every current. Yet the skies opened up to as if it were a new day but is of the turning night. Suddenly these waters don’t seem so bad and they too still into gentile streams. Looking up the stars that guided my way were gone and I was lost from my direction. Though my eye’s opened from the peace that enveloped my soul and say that the stars were around me. There was no fear before and there was none now.

Each light danced and shined as if they were expecting something great was to come. Each light had a brightness to give and pour out like mini rives to the one another and growing in brilliance. Then I felt the stars song that I not heard sung before and felt the call to join in dance and song.

Take step one; a shift happened and the waters were below my cold bare feet. Yet I was not afraid.

Take step two; I joined in the dance with the stars upon the waters below as if the waters were made of land. Each though creating a ripple, each ripple an affect.

Take step three; I hear a new song come off from a distant land stopping in song, the stars started to bow. The new song was soft before but grew in an orchestra of a surrounding army.

Then I could see a golden light that was not there before that was not there before that dance in the air like the aurora lights. Swaying to the rise and fall of the song but never faltering, never fading back into the night. A small star that was to the right and pulled on my fingers. Its light was a small warmth like a candle that offered warmth. I felt it say for me to come and touch the golden light that danced. Reaching out from my spot I tried but the light hadn’t reached my tips. Taking a step of courage and of risk I move and finally touched the light.

Like a waterfall oh so great and oh so roaring like a lion the light wrapped deeper than my soul, it embraced my being.

The song was of me, was of the stars around me, was of something more than the night and of the coming day.

Overwhelmed I fall to my knees and cry tears of joy. That’s then I heard a voice within the song that was of me, of my being, that come and be, be and to be the wind that flows, to be alive and to be, just be.

Rising to my feet the shift happen again and I laid on the sands that warmed my body and rested. Opening my eyes I see my family at play and being. Gathering myself I go and join the play and just be, like the light that envelops me says to be.

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