Learning about Business!

Yay! I finally feel like I’m getting back on track with blogs. With switching blog websites and getting another blog/ business website started up things have been getting really crazy. I’ll explain the business part later but as for now, let’s dive into the updates!

First off the week before classes started back up was so beautiful. It was like 70 almost 80 degrees at times and spent a good time down at the beach. Normally I don’t go sun tanning but decided that it was probably better to be with people than to be a loner. Though one of the weekend before classes were to start back up I ended up getting a really bad sunburn in the little more sensitive part of my body. Let’s just say that it hurt to sit for a day or two. Though my roommate got it a bit worse than I.

photo credit to my roommate!
photo credit to my roommate!

Oh yeah! I got a new roommate! She is one of my classes friends who is partnering with her to start this really cool thing where they are going to head up mission trips for the disabled. My roommate and I have been having fun just talking before bed, talking about boys, sunburns, and any other thing that may come to our minds. This including taking fun photo’s of ourselves.

So I had mentioned a bit earlier about starting another blog/ business website. As most of you have read my vision project I’m plan on working on two things. One is the creative arts center (which is in the works somewhat, I’ll be explaining that a bit latter) while the other is the travel photo blog. The one I’m going to talk about is the blog. Back when everyone was done presenting our vision projects it became aware to me and two other interns in my class name Christina and Kayla that we had a very similar vision when it came to telling peoples stories. The only thing different was that my heart to tell peoples stories was more for Europe while for Kayla was Asia and Christina was America. After we met together as a group decided that we wanted to support each other and their work while we were in different continents as well as to allow our readers to see other peoples work. So we are currently creating a website that will feature each of our work that we’ll update every two weeks (each taking a different date or so) and will also send people to our own individual website which is what I’m currently working on getting ready to launch soon. I haven’t decided if I want to just have it run through this blog or create a whole new different blog. If you guys can let me know of your opinions that would be great! Also name ideas If I choose to go the route of creating another site. Alright time to go onto the teachers that I had the last two weeks!WIN_20150202_082230

Our first teacher and the one that help led orientation for the newbies was Dave Hern. If you remember him from my previous posts it’s because he taught last term and also was apart of the adventure practicum. That first week Dave taught about a bit on his version of the 42nd generation and primarily talked about what it really means to serve and to go from being a slave to being an apostle. He also talked about how to serve the people from other cultures like being open, thinking grey, respecting other people, understanding the people, and such. From there we went into a bit of business and learned about bit about creating a gaint chart

My sad hand drawn gaint chart because I couldn't figure out how to do it on the computer.
My sad hand drawn gaint chart because I couldn’t figure out how to do it on the computer.

and a business plan. We had a project where my group was to create a mission trip for fathers and sons through the Global Adventures. What is hilarious is that I found out from an alumni G42’re that when her class did the projects, she was the one who created the hike that my adventure practicum did during break. So I know that those projects are going to be used in the future.

The second teacher that we had was Ethan Windle who is the co-owner of Diamondback truck covers in PA. That week Ethan talked about Kingdom minded business which included advancing the kingdom of God, what it is to be an entrepreneur, and gave us a lot of business information from what he has learned over the past 10 years. That week too he gave us the task of spiting up into teams and creating a business plan that you were going to present in front of investors. My team which consisted of myself and Cabe created a Surf shop in Nicaragua that would have a surf program to help the children who couldn’t get a good education because of family circumstances and poverty. Through the supporters help in the states the money would help send the kids to school all the while also fund them to do the surf program that would disciple them and teach them to surf, swim, and serve their community. Sadly my team didn’t win but it was really good practice for the future if I have to present my business idea to a board of investors.IMG_0940

In other news I really don’t have much to tell other than the next three months should be interesting. One because I’m working on getting the travel blog/ business established, but also I’m having decided on a few things that involved the creative art center. Once I get things figured out and talked to a few people then I’ll be sharing the plans for the future. So if you all could be praying for me in that area that would be fantastic. The second thing is that I’m going to be trying to be investing more into people. In the past I’ve done a horrible job with connecting with people and engaging with people and their lives, because I would also expect for them to be the ones to do that. I’ve realized since being here that I really need to do my part, even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone and going through the award stages then that is what I will need to do. It’s about time that I’m done being a victim and isolated and become more connected and fully apart of the family, tribe, friends, and church around me.

Anyway that is all for this week. I’m going to be posting the second part of my adventure practicum within a couple of days so be expecting that!

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